Place in kindergarten

Dear all, please we are at a loss. My son is 4 years old and its already a year he has no place in any kindergarten. We are not native German speakers(i do not spwak German st all). He is socially now isolated and both we and him need help. We have turned to elternberatung and to over 70 kindergartens and still didnt revcieve any positive answer. Who to turn to? Should i turn to any higher institution, ti a lawyer?
Do you have any idea what can i do?


Hi, normally in every German region you've an administration called "Jugendamt" and they'll be able to find a place for your child. I do not know the exact rules to obtain a place cause I'm living in France, but I think this is the best first step in the way to get it. Good in luck


You should contact the Jugendamt. Your child is eligible for daycare with one year. The Jugendamt has to offer you a place in one of the kindergartens in the area if you cannot find one yourself. It doesn’t have to be a full time place or a place that is close to your house.



I don´t know how it is in Germany but here in Austria you only have a right for a kindergarten spot before the first year of school with about 5. So if you get a place in kindergarden is luck.

Have you thought about a "Tagesmutter"? This is kind of a nanny that usually cares for a group of kids at her home...


I concur, the Jugendamt is responsible to help you to find a daycare placement.

If there is no place to be found you'll receive a financial compensation. Which is why they can give your child a placement that doesn't cover enough time or is as far away from your apartment as one hour (each way).